Rich C.

Richie's drum skills were at such a high level that peers in the area nick named him "Thunder-Foot". This was due to his incredible skill at getting the most possible out of a kick drum. He had a very versatile style that is definitely his own whether playing Country, Rock and Roll or Dance Music. So don't be surprised every now and then to see him hop behind the drums. He still very much enjoys getting back there and cutting the "Thunder-Foot" loose!
As Southern Express expanded through the years, finding a good bassist was nearly impossible. The turnover in the band grew to an incredible number as the search continued constantly for someone with the right drive, initiative and energy to carry the position. After realizing that the talent was already amongst us with Raymond being so talented on the drums, Rich decided to take on learning to play the Bass and make the switch to allow Raymond to step in and at the same time fill the needed gap for a Bass player. From that moment on Rich has honed his talent to become one of the top Bassist's in the Tampa Bay area.